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The Deep Sweep

Aura Clearing, Karmic Imprints Clearing and DNA Clearing and Activation…4 Sessions… $400

This Program is a deep multidimensional clearing of your chakras and auric field, karmic imprints and DNA.  Your DNA will receive a clearing as well as activations to restore its original intended divine blueprint and function.  This protocol is a four week process (one 60 min. session per week) that takes place over Skype.

These sessions use Harmonic Resonance Codes Technology.  The Codes are sacred geometry images that are gentle yet powerful, helping you experience healing, wholeness and the ability to harness your power to realize your full multidimensional potential.  They work to clear and reprogram the subconscious and activate the inactive strands of DNA that support our evolution.  This program gives you the tools to gauge the effectiveness and progress of this work as well as the ability to continue the process outside of sessions.


Possible Benefits of this work:

  • Know a sense of wholeness
  • Diminished reactionary responses to life and people
  • More unconditional love for self and others
  • Transcend duality consciousness
  • Fully embody your High-Self
  • Clearer Thinking, Feeling and Direction
  • Heightened higher sensory perception
  • Easier flow of money
  • Quicker manifesting ability
  • A resolution to chronic health conditions
  • Greater vitality and energy
  • Greater creativity
  • Healthier more fulfilling relationships
  • More confidence and peace
  • have higher frequency experiences and relationships
  • A higher frequency of synchronistic events or flow

Most people on the planet are only operating with 3 or 3.5 active DNA strands. When you activate all 12 or more in the case of Indigos who have 24 or 48 strands, you are restoring your ability to spiritually evolve, transcend the dramas and struggles of physical life and become a more powerful aid in humanities evolution and upliftment.

When you enroll in this program, you will experience a loosening or unwinding of emotions and energy of past experiences. This is natural and a positive sign of healing and change. EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique will aid the process, helping the shift to be easier and more complete.

While enrolled in this program, EFT and EFT Coaching sessions are offered at reduced rate…. $80/60min. and $120/90min.

While this program is designed to be carried out over a 4 week period, I consider that each person is unique and your comfort with the pace is very important to me… so we can take it slower if you need to.