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Multidimensional Energy Clearing with EFT & Harmonic Resonance Codes…. Depth healing for our high frequency and challenging times!


Hello Everyone,

It’s Tuesday, 11/22/16 ( high frequency numbers),  It’s been snowing nonstop for 48 hours here in upstate New York.  It’s beautiful, magical, challenging and for me an invitation to go inward and do some personal work.  It’s also giving me the opportunity to write a bit about a new session I’m offering.  It blends EFT with Harmonic Resonance Codes.  I think I may call it “Energy Alchemy”,  because not only does this session clear on a very deep level, it creates greater harmony and activates dormant potential held in your chakras and DNA…. are you ready?

So, many of you are already familiar with EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique.  This is a powerful meridian based healing method that clears the energy of distressing emotions, unproductive patterns, physical pain and chronic health issues.   I’m a Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner and I’ve been offering EFT & Energy Therapy sessions since 2011 now and have helped many people get their health and joy back. This work is so amazing and effective all on its own…And…. I’ve recently had a brainstorm.

I’m also a certified Harmonic Resonance Code Practitioner.  This work uses energy mandalas encoded with healing intents to clear multidimensionally, (on all levels). The mandalas, like color, sound, aromas or essences use frequencies to clear the denser energies in your chakras & DNA. They work by bringing the colors and frequencies into your chakras with your intent. As you bring the code’s frequencies into each chakra, you allow it to do It’s work. The codes have an intelligence all their own and know what to do and where to go.

Now when we can blend EFT with the clearing code, we get a very deep and dynamic effect that is gentle yet powerful and I will tell you why.

When we employ EFT, we dial into and activate your stuff and get it moving, then the clearing code goes into the unconscious layers and imprints held in your chakras, DNA and subtle energy fields.  All of which you need not be conscious of in order to get results.   While the code clears, it will also activate dormant potential making it easier for you to heal and more easily fulfill your life’s purpose…. sound awesome yet?

So at this point, you might be asking, “how does a session that blends these two healing methods go?   We would begin by taking the highest priority issues or issues with the most intense charge and start by applying EFT & energy therapy.  Then when you’re comfortable with adding the code, which you will view on my computer screen, I will ask you to bring the code into your third eye and  send it to the chakra that is most connected with the issue that we’re addressing.  So for example if we were working on feelings of loss or sadness, I would have you bring the clearing code into your heart chakra, or if we were to work on issues of fear or lack of resources, into the base chakra. Then to finish the session, I will ask you to bring the code into your 7 in-body chakras.

These sessions are great preparation for working with the other 5 codes for further clearing and activation of the 12 chakras, DNA srands, morphogenetic fields and high-self.

Because of the challenging times we’re facing as well as the fact that I’m very excited to share this new session, I’m making it available at a special rate until 1/22/17-  Three 60 min. sessions for $270.  This is a $30 savings.  You will need to be able to either Skype or be in-office for this session.

Enjoy the snow if you’ve got it and I look forward to hearing from you!  Bon Voyage… Om Shanti!