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Healing Bodywork

Healing bodywork is an experience of being held in a gentle sea of love and acceptance where the recipient can soften the need to guard or even respond.  There’s a slowing down of the heart rate, the breath deepens and slows, and there’s a loosening of all that’s been tucked away of past traumas and life experiences, and sometimes past-life experiences.

When you give yourself to a healing session you make an agreement to start this loosening process…parts of you begin to open, unwind so that not only may you release the stuff that weighs heavy, but you can begin to access more of yourself, your essence, and begin to listen to the promptings of your deeper longings.

When we approach bodywork in this way, we give ourselves and spirit a gift… the gift of joy in being who we are, understanding that spirit is you being expressed by you.

Bon Voyage.. Om Shanti!