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Everything Matters

Today, in search of words to describe my feelings when I was talking with my husband about a dynamic that we’re trying to change,  I said, “I think I’m after sacredness”… in that, every thing, thought, word, action, offering carries a quality or energy that says “this matters”… It all matters, more than we care to know… really!!! More than we CARE to know! I believe our western Culture has lost a sense of this in the every day business of living. There’s a seeking for something more… more stimulation, more money, more things, more power, more recognition, and in our consumptive haze, we’ve forgotten that each little thing we do, think, and say carries an energy that activates something in us, our environment and then universally to create future events, personally and globally. This is a proven fact… There’s scientific evidence that shows that the way we even observe something has an effect on how it will behave… People included… quantum physics is alive in the everyday. So are you going to wake up to your power to effect everything with your mood, your intentions, your words, your touch, your expectations? Or will you remain half asleep with no concern for what you’re creating every moment of everyday? I encourage you to begin your day with the profound awareness that everything matters. Notice how it makes you feel, does your heart open with deep gratitude for all life, or do you shrink at the sense of responsibility in this? How deeply do you dare to consider your magnificence and your power to create?  I will be practicing as I am not immune to becoming lazy, hazy,  and thoughtless too.  Bon Voyage!  Om Shanti!