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Why is Energy Clearing so Important?

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Why is Energy Clearing so Important?

Everything is energy, thoughts, emotions (energy in motion) experiences, people, places and things… all energy. It’s a wonder that it’s so important to pay attention to it.  Not many people understand however, HOW to pay attention to it or manage energy.  And if you want to experience vital health, happiness, Unimpeded forward motion and the power to direct your life in a fashion that truly pleases you, becoming conscious of how energy works in your life and how you can make it work for you is a topic worth your attention.

So here are some juicy tidbits for you to chew on…..

Throughout our lifetime, we are continuously being imprinted and programmed with patterns of energy from emotions, thoughts and experiences. We are receivers and transmitters of energy, it’s the way we’ve been designed. We also carry a great deal of this imprinting from our ancestral line as well as from past lives. I know it’s a lot to comprehend and it’s one of the main reasons we choose to ignore it, but If this information and energy continues to go unacknowledged and unprocessed, it will be stored either consciously or unconsciously in your subconscious mind and run your life amok.  While a good deal of this stored information is useful because it helps us to “get along in the world”, if we continue on an unconscious path and we don’t process and unwind the denser emotions and issues that are hurting us, they become layered and locked in causing a lot of discomfort, detrimental health issues and feelings of being stuck in unproductive and sometimes traumatic patterns. This locked-in energy can give you the “hamster wheel” effect…. Where you keep creating the same old scenarios in your life and getting nowhere fast…

To heck with that… We need to really move!!!

We are in constant motion and changing at a rapid rate

We live in a universe that is in constant motion, changing, growing and evolving .  Change is happening more rapidly than ever, personally, globally and in all areas of our lives.  As things speed up, the energy of unexpressed emotions and unresolved issues will condense causing a great deal of stress and detrimental consequences for your health, sense of well-being and ability to direct the course of your life.  It’s critical that we have a degree of fluidity and clarity to not only adapt during these accelerated times, but also to truly enjoy the ride.  So when you’re free of the dense or stuck energy and old programming, you can flow more easily with the changes, be more in tune, lighter, more vital and happier… even blissful.

Frequency is Everything

I know this is a bold statement, but it’s true and when you are all bogged down with unexpressed emotions, negative thoughts and programming, your frequency or the vibratory oscillation rate of the atomic and subatomic particles in your field will be low and you will feel lower frequency emotions and attract lower frequency people, places and experiences.    Now, when you can unwind and release all that old stuff and continue to unwind and release emotions and experiences as they happen, your frequency will naturally be higher and you will experience higher frequency emotions like love, peace, and bliss and attract higher frequency people, places and experiences.  Not only that, you will be able to spiritually evolve at a more rapid rate, manifest your desired reality at a more rapid rate, and know and live your purpose with greater joy and ease.

So how do we move this energy, get free and experience more peace, joy and vital health?….

EFT and Harmonic Resonance Codes are Brilliant methods for Energy Clearing!!!.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique gets the process started by helping you identify the core issues keeping you stuck and mobilizing the energy that’s been keeping them in place. This usually happens in layers, clearing the emotions and thoughts that are more surfaced or obvious helping the core issues to simply emerge.  As you begin to move energy around any issue, you will notice other areas of your life changing and improving naturally.  This work has positive healing effects on all levels and i do my best to make it fun and easy.   I have five years of experience with this work and have personally experienced deep and transformative changes by applying it to Issues in my own life.  My story is coming in one of my next posts.

Harmonic Resonance Codes take the clearing work to a deeper level, clearing energy and programming held deep in your subconscious, DNA , Chakras and Aura.  The Codes are beautiful energy mandalas encoded with intents to do this clearing work as well as activate dormant energy and potential.  There are three sessions to choose from with this work, Auric Attachements Clearing, Karmic Imprints Clearing and DNA Clearing and Activation (Two Sessions) I love the codes because they have an intelligence that allows this work to be gentle , thorough and very comforting.

EFT and Code work can be done together.

I hope this helps you on your healing journey…

Bon Voyage!  Om Shanti!