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How can EFT help you with emotional and physical stress

Energy Therapy with EFT approaches healing from the perspective that the energy of trauma and other uncomfortable experiences that we have a hard time processing get stuck in our subtle energy systems (the meridians, chakras and biofield).  Having this stuck energy not only creates emotional and physical discomfort, but also makes it difficult for us to move forward in our lives with the confidence and joy that is our birthright.

Most of the time we have no idea that we have this stuck energy because we’re just so used to living with it.  Energy Therapy can help you clear these old energies assisting in the process of freeing you of limiting emotional and physical discomfort… which results in better energy flow and a realignment with parts of your self that you may have lost a connection with.  This work is truly transformative on all levels and is most effective for those who are ready to invite lasting change and experience higher levels of health and life fulfillment.

EFT  has been described by Candace Pert, PhD, author of “Molecules of Emotion” as being “at the forefront of the new healing movement”.  A large body of research has shown EFT to be effective for increasing the flow of energy through the meridians and chakras, clearing unwanted emotional triggers and patterns of thought, changing the neural pathways in the brain, and improving the overall functioning of all systems in the body.  The results of this work are so layered and positive that it’s truly mindboggling.

While each session of Energy Therapy will be unique, the primary modalities for this work are EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or acupoint tapping, Energy balancing exercises, hands on table work ( Energy and bodywork) and creating and aligning with new visions and ways of being.  Energy Therapy can be done seated, on the table and can be coupled with a bodywork or massage session.  This work may also be done by phone or Skype.

For maximum results,  I believe that combining Energy Therapy and EFT with bodywork is very beneficial. This work catalyzes a great deal of  clearing and shifting on all levels.  Massage and Craniosacral Therapy assist the body in not only integrating the shifts, but will help them to really “take” and create further expansion and lasting change.

What can Energy Healing & Wellness Coaching Help With?

  • Clearing emotional blocks that are sabotaging your success in attaining health, prosperity and happiness.
  • Clearing and managing stress, anxiety, grief, depression
  • Making positive changes in work, relationships, home life
  • Clearing emotions around physical pain or chronic illness and disease
  • Clearing cycles of recurring crisis or accidents
  • Improving your connection with your true self and purpose
  • Increasing authentic feelings of energy, peace, hope and joy