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Bio-Energetic Life & Health Coaching

Everything we need to know is already inside of us and when we can clear the emotional energy blocks, false beliefs and conditioned responses to life, all that we need will be revealed. Health and vitality are naturally restored and more easily sustained because we clear the obstructions to the bodies innate healing wisdom. Our ability to align with our true self, purpose and an unshakeable center is also strengthened. The results can be dramatic or more subtle in nature depending of where you're at, but generally you can expect to experience more peace, greater fulfillment and more aliveness-- This is what bio-Energetic Life & Health Coaching seeks to provide.

This unique and dynamic style of coaching marries cutting-edge techniques that draw from Eastern inspired Energy Psychology methods such as Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique and Functional Medicine Coaching practices. This work is also greatly supported by Red Door Healing which provides another dimension of support in clearing and balancing. This style of coaching supports deep healing & transformation and works best for those really ready to do the deep work.

I support your process by providing practices that really resonate with you and the place you find yourself in. Some examples are: Mindfulness practices, an EFT-Tapping practice, movement, targeted food plans, creating health promoting environments, assessing relationships and community, restorative sleep practices and Detoxification guidance.

I will support you with emails and check-ins as well as spot-coaching.  These are 15 minute sessions that can include EFT.

Set up a complimentary 30  min. discovery session to be sure this is the correct path for you. 315-558-8635.

Your first session will be a Foundations Session and will be 90 minutes.  After that, sessions are generally 60 minutes and you may choose to set up sessions weekly or biweekly.

Sessions may take place in-office, by phone or by Zoom.

Massage & Bodywork may be included in your in-office sessions and will be scheduled following your 60 min. Coaching session.

* Save 10% on packages of 5 and 15% on packages of 10 sessions.