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Functional Medicine & Energy Therapy Health Coaching

Functional Medicine & Energy Therapy Health Coaching .... Where the best of western, eastern, and holistic approaches to healing and crafting your best life converge.

Are you ready for sustainable change? Whatever it is that you're ready to truly shift, take heart... while the journey may take courage, the work we engage in together will restore your sense of hope, confidence and passion for creating a more vital and fulfilling life.  This type of coaching marries cutting edge techniques that draw from Eastern inspired Energy Psychology methods and cutting edge Health Coaching practices to support transformation on a deep level.  Functional Medicine & Energy Therapy Health Coaching looks at your whole picture and seeks to reveal and address the root cause of whatever isn't working.  We will explore your strengths and your gifts, what is working, as well as what truly gives your life meaning.  The process organically reveals  possibilities and resources for empowering deep healing and an experience of greater vibrancy, inspiration and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

My approach is centered on creating a very personalized experience.  Your process and path are unique.  The closer we can get to uncovering your most authentic self, desires and values, the more satisfying and sustainable your changes.

I will hold safe space for you to explore, to ask questions, to tell your story and I will listen.  I will answer your questions directly and encourage you to honestly look at whatever may be getting in the way of your progress. We will apply EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy therapy techniques to help you release and transform  layers of unproductive patterns, beliefs and fears. Opportunities for reaching new levels of clarity and discovering resources within you that can support major breakthroughs happen here.

I support your process with Mindfulness practices, targeted food plans, creating health promoting environments, relationships and community, restorative sleep practices, Detoxification guidance and general warmth and good humor.

I will give you homework to support your forward motion.  I will support you with emails and check-ins as well as spot-coaching.  These are 15 minute sessions that can include EFT.

Set up a complimentary 30  min. discovery session to be sure this is the correct path for you. 315-558-8635.

Your first session will be a Foundations Session and will be 90 minutes.  After that, sessions are generally 60 minutes and you may choose to set up sessions weekly or biweekly.

Sessions may take place in-office, by phone or by Skype or Zoom.

Massage & Bodywork may be included in your in-office sessions and will be scheduled following your 60 min. Coaching session.

* Save 10% on packages of 3, 6, or 10 sessions