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Bio-Energetic Life & Health Coaching

This unique style of coaching blends Emotional Freedom Technique, Energy Psychology Methods and Functional Medicine Coaching principles to identify root causes and clear the energy effecting your health, relationships and forward motion.

I believe that everything we need to know, along with great strength resides within. When we can begin to clear unprocessed stuck emotions and all that's conditioned and false, the wisdom and inspiration that we need organically and sometimes surprisingly just rises to the surface. As you continue to clear channels, energy centers and the body, you begin to experience effortless and more powerful alignment with what you're truly resonating with for going forward.

When we experience this authentic connection and expression, Health and vitality are naturally restored... there's a deeper, more embodied sense of peace... greater confidence... restored hope... and an ease in creating and sustaining a vital life.

This style of coaching supports deep healing & transformation and works best for those really ready for deep dives
Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as meridian tapping, offers us a way to access and neutralize trapped or stagnant emotional energy held in the body and subtle energy systems which include the energy meridians, chakras and bio-field. It involves a bit of dialogue to determine what needs addressing and then tapping on or holding points while connecting with the emotions. This technique also helps us to clear sabotaging beliefs or programs that have been set in the subconscious. EFT is so effective in helping us to get to the core of why we're having trouble healing or moving forward in life which is why I find it to be essential in the Coaching process.

You may decide that you don't want to include EFT in the Coaching process and I'm happy to go this route. You may also decide that you want strictly EFT sessions to clear old patterns and stuckness and I can do that too.

In the coaching process, I support you by providing practices that really resonate with you and the place you find yourself in. Some examples are: Mindfulness practices, an EFT-Tapping practice, movement, targeted food plans, creating health promoting environments, assessing relationships and community, restorative sleep practices and Detoxification guidance.

I will support you with emails and check-ins as well as spot-coaching.  These are 15 minute sessions that can include EFT.

Set up a complimentary 30  min. discovery session to be sure this is the correct path for you. 315-558-8635.

Your first session will be a Foundations Session and will be 90 minutes.  After that, sessions are generally 60 minutes and you may choose to set up sessions weekly or biweekly.

Sessions may take place in-office, by phone or by Zoom.

Massage & Bodywork may be included in your in-office sessions and will be scheduled following your 60 min. Coaching session.

* Save 10% on packages of 5 and 15% on packages of 10 sessions.