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Dreaming Tree… a meditation for manifesting

Imagine you’re walking along a beautiful path, just walking with nothing really to do but to just enjoy the walking, you approach a grand and beautiful tree…this is your dreaming tree. Here you place your dreams and intentions for your healing and your life, this tree is here for YOU. First just take some time to sit with your back against the tree feeling its support, and feeling it’s deep roots and upward reaching branches and energy, now with your intention let the tree take all of your cares and worries, absorbing and transmuting them… Take a minute to rest in this deeply nourishing space, feeling the peace and lightness through your whole being… you are now an empty vessel…. Stay with this for as long as you desire. When ready, bring into your consciousness that which you desire to manifest for yourself. It can be anything… emotional or physical healing, dreams for your future or whatever you desire. When you open your eyes, notice that before you on a beautiful tapestry lay an assortment of beautiful beads, and string. Choose beads that resonate with each dream or intention, and one at a time energize the beads with your hands or breath to help carry the energy of each dream. One at a time string them and carry them to the branches of your dreaming tree, trusting that the universe will here your prayers and make them manifest. Give thanks! Om Shanti!

This is a powerful meditation for manifesting.  As you clear yourself, you will better resonate with what you want to create.  Feel the power in your desire when energizing your beads, and have confidence and give thanks that it is already done.  Do this meditation as often as you like.