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Red Door Healing & Space Clearing

The Ka Ta See Red Door, simply described, is a tool for accessing and broadcasting information and healing energies over long distances. It offers us the ability to immediately connect with our desired target and positively affect health, well-being & environments.

I use the Red Door for my studio which assists in clearing and enlivening the space, my clients and myself as I work. I use it for my coaching clients to help assist in assessing issues and their origins and then clearing the energy of mental and emotional blocks effecting their progress.

I also can clear your home or office with the Red Door. Like our Bodies, our homes and work spaces can get to feeling stagnant or heavy with old energy. A clearing can help lighten and refresh your environment for better health and sense of well-being.

This service can be helpful in a number of circumstances...When moving into a new home,
When selling a home, before and after having company or a gathering, or when you're making big changes and need extra support. For office, productivity and health are greatly supported by space Clearings with the Red Door.

I offer Remote Clearings where I need only an address along with a photo of the outside of your home or office.
Remote Clearing: $150

On-site clearings include smudging and then sealing in intentions and life enhancing energy into your space.
On-site Clearing: $250

For more info on the Red Door Healing Instrument click here

** Disclaimer:
The healing work and teachings that we offer and that you are receiving stem from Ancient Spiritual Healing Traditions and are not intended as medical or psychological service in the allopathic sense of the term. I do not make any medical claims. The ideas, information, procedure, and suggestions we provide are based on those ancient spiritual, traditional healing traditions and are not intended as a substitute for consulting with a medical professional. I or anyone else working with me shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from anything we provide. Our healing work and teachings are rendered within the context of the ancient traditions they are based on. Everyone receiving healing work or teachings from us is wholly and entirely responsible for their own health and healthcare.

Change your energy, change your life.