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Harmonic Resonance Codes

EFT and Wellness Coaching

DNA Clearing & Activations

Harmonic Resonance Codes are energy mandalas that assist you in deeply clearing energy blockages and resistance.  Experience healing, harmonization, higher levels of consciousness  and awaken to a sense of wholeness that comes from connecting all parts of your multidimensional self and the fluid exchange of energy and information. This work helps you to  fully embody your high-self and restore and activate your original divine blueprint.

As we progress with ever increasing rates of planetary change, it’s more important than ever for us to clear the density and blocks preventing us from fully activating our highest potential for healing, consciousness and carrying out our life’s mission.

This work is gentle and comforting as the codes activate and restore your DNA’s natural state for vital health and spiritual evolution.

DNA Activations are generally completed in two 60-Minute sessions– strands 1-6 in the first session, followed by strands 7-12 in the second session.

Karmic Imprints Clearing

Karmic Imprints are energy imprints that result from making choices In this and other lifetimes that go against your highest purpose.  They can be from agreements we've made, vows, truths or concepts we've adopted or unresolved conflicts or emotions to name a few.  When they build up and aren't cleared, these imprints can have detrimental effects on our health, well-being, ability to move forward in life and spiritually evolve.  This clearing session will help you clear the highest priority imprints as well as issues that your dealing with presently.

This session is generally a 60 minute session in office or by Skype.

Auric Attachments Clearing

Auric Attachments can come in many forms and get stuck in our bio-field or Aura.  We can inherit them or pick them up from a friend or client and they can cause problems on all levels of our being.  They can be thought forms, supercharged identities, Archetypes or roles that we play or disincarnates to name a few.  This session will help you clear the highest priority attachments from your energy field and chakras.

This session is generally a 60 minute session either in office or by Skype.

All of the Code sessions can be done as often as you'd like.  Check out my wellness programs for packages.

Change your energy, change your life.