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Your Diamond Light… a Meditation

Imagine your consciousness a beautiful, radiant diamond, all it’s facets polished and radiating a full spectrum of light.  Allow it to merge with you, your body, mind and soul, and see it earnestly sparkling and permeating your whole being.  Allow it to move into all the dark, heavy, sluggish, hopeless places that dwell inside of you.  As you allow this your diamond becomes even brighter and your whole being begins to pulsate a lighter and finer frequency.  Breathe into this expanded state, and feel yourself softly glowing with a light that lovingly nourishes your whole being, bringing a sense of calm oneness.

Use this mediation whenever and wherever for greater clarity, lightness and oneness.  Do it quickly or spend a bit of time with this really feeling into all the parts of yourself that need light and expansion.  Use your breath and intention to direct the light into areas of your body and mind.

Bon Voyage,

Om Shanti!