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Everything Matters

Today, in search of words to describe my feelings when I was talking with my husband about a dynamic that we’re trying to change,  I said, “I think I’m after sacredness”… in that, every thing, thought, word, action, offering carries a quality or energy that says “this matters”… It all matters, more than we care…

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Your Diamond Light… a Meditation

Imagine your consciousness a beautiful, radiant diamond, all it’s facets polished and radiating a full spectrum of light.  Allow it to merge with you, your body, mind and soul, and see it earnestly sparkling and permeating your whole being.  Allow it to move into all the dark, heavy, sluggish, hopeless places that dwell inside of you.  As…

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Dreaming Tree… a meditation for manifesting

Imagine you’re walking along a beautiful path, just walking with nothing really to do but to just enjoy the walking, you approach a grand and beautiful tree…this is your dreaming tree. Here you place your dreams and intentions for your healing and your life, this tree is here for YOU. First just take some time…

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