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What can Energy Therapy & EFT do for me?

ethereal chakras

First let me share a bit about how EFT and Energy Therapy work. EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique falls under the umbrella of Energy Therapy. Energy Therapy works to clear and shift the energy held in the subtle energy systems which include the chakras, energy meridians and bio-field or the energy field. By tapping, holding or rubbing points on the body we move energy to positively effect health, emotions and our ability to grow and thrive. There’s also an emphasis on using the breath  as well as your imagination during an energy Therapy session.  So an Energy Therapy session can easily include all of the above.

EFT is a proven Energy Therapy method that works by tapping on a sequence of points while holding in your awareness a thought, feeling or physical sensation that you want to clear or change. EFT is an offshoot of TFT or Thought Field Therapy which was developed by Rodger Callahan. Gary Craig who was a student of Rodgers developed EFT which is based on the same principles as TFT, but is much simpler.

EFT is based on the premise that there are no “negative emotions” only energy disturbances that keep us experiencing the same emotions and creating the same conditions and scenarios in our lives. So when we can clear the energy disturbance, we experience “freedom” from the “negative emotions” and can experience healing and more easily transcend our current life story.

So take this example to give you a better sense of this. Say you get bit by a dog and it hurt and it scared you, but you knew the dog and it’s owner and trusted you were safe with this dog, so you brushed it off as no big deal. you pushed the emotions of fear, violation and physical pain aside. Now the energy of these emotions are stuck in your subtle energy systems and the energy of the experience will need to get processed another time. meanwhile the energy of Fear and violation are running beneath the surface making you afraid of dogs and not trusting people with dogs. Until this energy is cleared through some kind of release,  you maintain the fear and distrust. So you get the picture.

So for a multitude of reasons, we can continue to operate in this way and build up layers of unprocessed experiences that can cause a great deal of emotional and physical pain. Physical pain is very often the result of stuck energy.

So when we can get to this unprocessed energy and clear it, we can postively effect our lives on all levels: Experience more clarity, better health, more energy, more peace, inspiration, a better connection with your purpose and passion, more joy, a higher frequency, easier forward movement, more peace in your relationships, more hope for your future and a better frame of mind.  Energy Therapy also helps to change the neural pathways in the brain and clear blocks on your DNA, again helping you to transcend old ways of being and thinking.

Are you interested yet?  For the Month of September enjoy a free 1/2 hour session, in office or by Skype.  Just bring one thing that’s been causing stress or that you want to change and we will apply Energy Therapy and EFT to help you shift it.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Bon Voyage, Om Shanti!