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Greetings and wlynne2aelcome to my site!... If you've landed here, my guess is that you're ready to fully engage in deep healing work that will help move you into healthier and more inspired ways of being and living.

My passion for The Healing Arts and helping people to reach deeply into themselves to access the desire and strength to heal and thrive in life is great (I've been there and it's an ongoing process).   I help you reconnect with your power to tap into  your personal truth, values and what truly lights you up.

This can be a layered process and a good deal of the work we will do together is centered on releasing and unwinding patterns and ways of being that aren't serving you. Dialing back stress to reset all systems and detoxing on all levels (body, mind, spirit, environment)are emphasized.  This clears the way for the person and life you were meant for to gently and organically emerge... The results should be sustainable.

Where you begin with what I offer is up to you.  Bodywork (massage, Bowen, Craniosacral), Coaching, EFT/Energy Psychology, or HR Codes (mandalas for clearing).  Whatever feels best to you is good... Each is a point of entry inviting the process of healing and positive, personal change.  I will suggest structure and will remain open to adapting for whatever emerges.  Your Journey is unique and your path and process yours.


I have 27 years of experience in the Healing Arts as a Massage Therapist and Energy Healer.  I'm naturally empathic ( I feel emotional energy) I use this gift to inform the work we engage in together.  I hold a Bachelors in Psychology from St John Fisher College,  I'm a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist,  a Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner and a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. I'm also a Harmonic Resonance Code practitioner and a teacher of Meditation and Self-healing skills.

I live and work in the beautiful village of Cazenovia.  I'm a Mom,  Happily married,  a Writer, Teacher and an inspired activist for raising the consciousness of humanity.  I work with individuals & families and teach workshops locally. See below for additional certifications.

Get real & true, uncover & reclaim, renew & revitalize, discover your Joy & an unshakable peace!

Professional Training

  • The Florida School of Massage and Natural Health, Certified in 1992
  • The Heartwood Institute, Zen Shiatsu Acupressure, Certified in 1995
  • The Upledger Institue, Craniosacral Therapy levels 1&2
  • Neural Touch ( Bowen)  with Gene Dobkin, Level 1,  2009
  • Bowen Therapy level 1, 2016
  • EFT level 1 with Michael DeMolina, 2011
  • The Ariela Group, EFT & Energy Therapy Health Coaching, Certified in 2014
  • Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology levels 1&2 2018
  •  FMCA Functional Medicine Health Coach Program, Certified Feb. 2019

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