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Bio-Energetic Bodywork

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What Others Are Saying. . .

I get a lot of bodywork, but I drive 200 miles to experience Lynne’s fantastic work.  Her eclectic style, grounded in energy healing, ranges from addressing structural issues to the most wonderful, subtle functional integration work.  Lynne has helped me to successfully address some very long standing somatic issues, while also helping to open  my body’s energy systems and even gain clarity on life issues and choices.  I highly recommend Lynne as a skilled bodyworker and healer.

Don Fann
Management Consultant
Madison, NJ

Lynne Potteiger is a warm and compassionate healer who treats mind, body, and spirit. She stays current with her training and is always on the look-out for new skills that she can incorporate to bring greater relief/well-being to her clients. My husband and I have had regular sessions with Lynne for a few years and highly recommend her as a massage therapist and healing practitioner.

Aniya Miller-Cohen and Nathan Cohen

Lynne, you always amaze me. It is your presence. I have come to understand that your deep desire to facilitate the well being of everyone that you meet flows from your heart through your hands, and to your clients. I luckily, am one of them. After my last session,not only is my body relaxed, but so is my mind and emotions. I noticed that I could hear better too. My right leg stopped hurting, and I felt calm and refreshed. Thank you for your pure and loving commitment to excellence.

Gregory Joseph
Retreat Leader, Healer, Intuitive

"It started with massage. Lynne came highly recommended for body work. In addition to wonderful bodywork sessions, I learned about EFT and her coaching approach.  Her style is filled with kindness, patience and caring. There is a safety with Lynne, safe to be vulnerable and safe to speak honestly. We have worked together for several years now and she is a key part of my personal growth practice. With Lynne’s guidance and expertise, we have addressed issues and patterns that have plagued me for years. She knows my goals and helps me reach them. " RC, Hamilton, NY



One of the biggest gifts I have walked away with is less reaction to people and events and more of a healthy response to everything. When one stops taking everything so personally your world has a sweetness and Joy from being more present in the moments of our lives.

I think Lynne is amazing!! She makes it fun when it is uncomfortable at times and keeps you focused when you start to ramble on. EFT opens up your locked suppressed emotions so (be ready) to (be free)!! I recommend her highly.


“Years after trauma, I came to Lynne to explore EFT after a diagnosis of PTSD. Her understanding of the mind body connection combined with her hands on teaching have been invaluable to me.”

In my work, I share dialog and write from the survivor perspective of crisis, illness and care giving.

I couldn't help others heal if she hadn't helped me heal myself.

Kate D. Mahoney
International speaker, actorvist and author